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July 27, 2016

Europe terror attacks spotlight security failings amid refugee crisis

Henry Jackson Society

The European policy Germans call “Willkommenskultur” — the enthusiastic embrace of refugees from Syria and other Muslim-majority countries — has morphed into a summer of terror.

Loose screening of refugees, lax counter-terrorism policies and lenient treatment of those with terrorist links or sympathies has led to a spate of attacks by terrorists already flagged by authorities. Tuesday’s attack in France, where a jihadist already under house arrest slit a priest’s throat, came just two days after a suicide bombing in Germany by a terrorist who a medical expert had predicted would “commit suicide in a spectacular fashion.” Critics say such cases are piling up.

“It has happened in France and the UK — people who were on the radar and eventually were caught up in plots,” said Davis Lewin, deputy director at the Henry Jackson Society, a UK based counter-terrorism think tank. “It will inevitably happen again.”

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