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November 24, 2015

Revealed: The three British women ISIS supporters who are spreading extremist ideology in UK and encouraging young girls to join the jihadists in Syria

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Originally published in the Daily Mail 

After viewing the undercover footage, counter-terrorism expert Hannah Stuart said: ‘The fact that there are women, young girls and children is particularly worrying in terms of what these children are being taught to believe about their own state versus one of the most brutal terrorist organisations.

‘At the moment we’re not just concerned about young men going to fight for Islamic State, we are concerned about entire families leaving this country to emigrate and live in Islamic State, and it’s lessons like this that will encourage women to do that and make them believe that it’s their religious duty to do so.’

Around 700 Britons are thought to have travelled to join ISIS, including teenage girls, while about 450 have returned to the UK.

Police say the returnees pose a significant threat yet only a handful have been prosecuted. Instead they are being referred to the Government’s Prevent strategy which aims to deradicalise extremists and change their thinking.