In the long term, building a bomb will be easier for Iran


Originally published in the Jewish Chronicle Online

This deal could be one of the most calamitous things to have happened in the Middle East for generations. While it slows Iran’s progress to the bomb temporarily, it establishes a deeply flawed system of verification and emboldens the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror — one that is openly committed to extinguishing the world’s only Jewish state.

It is therefore remarkable that many in the media have presented the Vienna deal as an historic peace agreement that promises to usher in a new era in international relations and diplomatic goodwill.

Only the photo-op and handshake on the White House lawn were missing. Indeed, much of the coverage from the British media would lead you to believe that there is only one man in the entire world who opposes this agreement: Israel’s obstinate Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. But supporters of Israel should also note that the leader of Israel’s centre left opposition, Isaac Herzog, has also passionately expressed his reservations about the deal.

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