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Democracy & Development
December 1, 2014

Who’s Blowing Up Russia?

Henry Jackson Society

This is the third in a series of guest publications and translations which The Henry Jackson Society is producing by arrangement with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.   This publication was written by Vladimir Voronov, a Russian investigative journalist,  and translated by Ola Cichowlas.


Of all the strange events that have taken place in post-communist Russia, none is more mysterious than the 1999 apartment bombings that brought Putin to power. In this article, written for the Russian Service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Vladimir Voronov, an investigative journalist, examines the many unanswered questions about the bombings which for 15 years have cast a sinister shadow over the Putin era. As Russia becomes ever more deeply involved in a bloody war in Ukraine, it is the apartment bombings that serve as a warning of the acts of which Putin and his cronies may be capable.

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