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August 9, 2014

Remember Us?

Robin Simcox

Originally published in the Huffington Post

‘There has been understandable focus in recent months on events in Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State. Yet we must not forget that al-Qaeda – still the most prominent terrorist network out there – also has the West in its sights.

On Wednesday, al-Qaeda emir Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the creation of a new al-Qaeda group in the Indian subcontinent. He claimed that efforts to create this group had been underway for over two years and it would protect “vulnerable [Muslims] in the Indian subcontinent, in Burma, Bangladesh, Assam, Gujurat, Ahmedabad and Kashmir.” However, there will inevitably be a virulently anti-Western focus to its operations. The Long War Journal points out how the newly appointed emir of this group, Asim Umar, has previously attempted to persuade Indian Muslims to join the “global jihad to give a final push to the collapsing edifice of America” and stated “lives are being sacrificed in this jihad to defeat America and its allies everywhere.”…’

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Robin Simcox

About Robin Simcox

Robin Simcox is a Research Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, where he specialises in al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda inspired terrorism. He is the co-author of both editions of 'Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections' and several other reports broadly focussed on national security, terrorism and al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda affiliated movements across the world. Simcox has written for the likes of the Wall Street Journal, New Republic, Guardian, Weekly Standard, Spectator, Huffington Post and Daily Telegraph and regularly appears across a broad variety of media outlets, including the BBC, Fox News, Sky News, Channel 4 and al-Jazeera. He has spoken on a variety of platforms, including the British Parliament, US Special Operations Command and the European Parliament.

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