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Opinion Editorial
June 2, 2014

Sikorski Is No Savior

Ola Cichowlas

Originally published in Foreign Policy

‘The Polish success story has become something of a fantasy among Western European liberals who are now arguing that Poland can be a catalyst for reform in Eastern Europe and that the happy outcome of the Polish transition can serve as a reminder to the Euroskeptics in London, Paris, and Berlin of the privileges of European democracy, the importance of having friendly neighbors, and the good fortune of not sharing a border with Russia.

One man has been put forward to do this: Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister. Sikorski has been described as “Mr. Perfect from Warsaw” and the man who might “save Europe.” That’s not only overly optimistic — it is wrong.’

Read the full article here.

About Ola Cichowlas

Ola Cichowlas is a British-Polish journalist writing about Russia and Eastern Europe. A French-educated Londoner, she received a Scottish MA from Edinburgh University in History and Russia Studies. Ola has extensive experience in living and working in Russia, having lived in the Ural city of Perm. She recently returned from Ukraine and speaks English, French, Polish and Russian.

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