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December 9, 2011

Saudi women driving would lead to promiscuity, says report

Houriya Ahmed

A Saudi Arabian academic released a report last week that concluded that if women were allowed to drive, it would end female virginity and promote promiscuity, prostitution, homosexuality and divorce in the country.

The report, which was conducted for the Shura Council, the Saudi legislative assembly, was aimed to discourage the idea of reconsidering the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi campaigners who are trying to overturn the ban have of course condemned such a ridiculous report. Instead of granting women the freedom they deserve to drive, the clerical establishment issue misogynistic reports to justify why women shouldn’t drive. The idea that women would lose their ‘modesty’ as a result of driving is a notion that is backward, gross and perverted.

As one blogger put it, “It’s a hell of a lot harder to lose your virginity in the front seat, as opposed to the back.”

Houriya Ahmed

About Houriya Ahmed

Houriya Ahmed is a Non-Resident Associate Fellow at the HJS.

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